Planetary coolers

The design of ESTANDA planetary or satellite coolers for cooling down the clinker is one of our areas of expertise, in which the following is offered:

  • The correct distribution of the cooling zones within the planetary tubes (from zone 1 to zones 5 and 6).
  • Unique design of the steel parts adapted to each zone and clinker type.
  • Choice of suitable materials offering great reliability and safety.

ESTANDA’s technical solutions allow maximum advantage to be taken of the cooler’s possibilities; in each zone, the greatest cooling gradient with the maximum transfer of heat to the secondary air is obtained, thus achieving the cooling of the clinker.

The satellite tubes work with parts that weigh less, sustain fewer mechanical strains and offer greater tossing efficiency, and therefore cool the clinker more effectively.

Steel specifications:

Heat-resistant steel alloys:

  • Carbon (C) content: from 0.20 to 1.3 %.
  • Carbon (C) content: from 13% to 30%.
  • Nickel (Ni) content: from 5% to 20%.


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