Steel products for the grinding of raw material and cement, designed to enable the ball grinder to function optimally and to improve productivity.

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    Inlet feed chute systems

    ESTANDA’s new Inlet Feed Chute Systems regulate the inlet flow to the raw material and cement mills, thus improving ventilation and allowing them to function optimally.

    The installing of these Inlet Feed Chute Systems is straightforward and they can be adapted to any kind of mill.

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    Inlet headwall liners

    To prevent wear of the mill head and to improve the capacity and regulation of the mill load is what is achieved by the ESTANDA headwall liners:

    • Increase in the width or use of flaps in the areas of maximum wear depending on the resistance of the steel used.
    • If drilling allows, subdivision by means of rings that adapt to the zones of maximum wear of the liner.
    • Adapting of liners and inlet trunnion to increase the degree of filling, thus increasing the productivity of the mill.
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    Lifting liners

    Our lifting liners prolong the service life of the mills, cut the wear of the grinding balls and reduce power consumption and maintenance requirements.

  • Classifying liners

    ESTANDA’s classifying liners are designed to obtain a good classification of the grinding balls, optimum distribution of the material to be ground and prevent the reprocessing of it.

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    Wavy liners

    ESTANDA’s wavy liners prolong the service life of mills, reduce the wear on the grinding balls and cut power consumption and maintenance requirements.

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    Self-regulating diaphragms

    At ESTANDA we have been contributing with in-house technology to respond to the requirements of the cement industry for many years.

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    Central discharge diaphragms

    ESTANDA diaphragms are designed to retain the balls and the sizes of the material to be ground above the slots in the plates.

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    Outlet diaphragms

    ESTANDA outlet diaphragms are designed to retain the grinding elements (balls, cylpebs, etc.) by ensuring that the level of the material in the final chamber is correct.

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    Transfer diaphragms

    The humid material enters the mill along with the blast of hot gases. The ESTANDA transfer or drying diaphragm optimises the heat transfer between the material and the gases, thus allowing, by means of anti-wear cogs, the discharge of the dry material through the central ring to the first chamber.

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    KINETIC pre-grinding systems

    The KINETIC pre-grinding system is a new concept in crushing materials prior to grinding. The goal is to minimise energy consumption and increase production capacity.

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