The company is committed towards the society and milieu in which it carries out its activity; it has regular contacts and relations with its groups of interest, not only customers and suppliers, but also public and private organisations.

ESTANDA devotes economic resources to undertake initiatives of a social nature in relation to its groups of interest, in fields like culture, education, sports and social projects:

  • Funding and grants for innovation and the environment.
  • Support for not-for-profit organisations.
  • Support for local development agencies.
  • Sponsorship of sports teams.
  • Work-life balance of employees, recognition of former workers.

In the sphere of the environment and sustainability, ESTANDA runs programmes to cut consumption of raw materials and energy and to minimize the environmental impact associated with its processes and products reliably, and in line with the procedures on workplace health and safety; at the same time, it avails itself of management systems according to the ISO 14.001 and OHSAS 18.001 international standards.

ESTANDA is a company that is clearly committed to the economic growth of its milieu, and has relations with the society that it serves by collaborating in the creation of wealth and promoting new employment for the coming generations; it is dedicated to the sustainable development of its activity so that it is compatible with the conservation and defence of the environment.