Self-regulating diaphragms

At ESTANDA we have been contributing with in-house technology to respond to the requirements of the cement industry for many years.

The Improvest® self-regulating diaphragms are just one of these innovations.

Improvest® self-regulating diaphragms have the following features:

  • Easy to regulate: movable slide that allows the level of the material in each chamber to be adjusted. Regulation depending on mill conditions, the diaphragm is equipped with alternate segments for depositing and freeing up the material.
  • Toughness, minimum maintenance.
  • Flexible coupling of the diaphragm so it is not affected by any deformations in the shell of the mill.
  • Preassembly at Estanda: guarantee of perfect assembly.
  • Maximum plate surface with minimum loss of pressure in the ventilation air.
  • Patented self-regulating system for the material that guarantees a constant level by eliminating ineffective zones and achieving maximum efficiency and energy optimisation.
  • Energy saving.

Supporting frame in sheet carbon steels, and steels for the grates with a chromium content (7 – 27) %.


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