Medium and High alloyed steels

In this section we are including Manganese (Mn) steels, medium-high alloy steels and white iron high Chromium (Cr) castings.

Manganese (Mn) steels: Also known as Hadfield steels with a Manganese (Mn) content of 12-17%.

Materials with an austenitic structure, the hardness of which can be increased by means of impacts and blows without any martensitic transformation taking place (hard surface while maintaining a tough core). Good impact resistance but difficult to machine.

Industrial applications: Mining, cement, iron, steel...

Medium-high alloy steels containing 3-12% of alloying components (Cr, Ni, Mo, ...). Good impact and wear-resistance properties.

Industrial applications: Mining, cement, energy, automotive, wood…

White iron high Chromium (Cr) castings: Carbon (C: 2.0-3.0 %), Chromium (Cr: 13-18 %) content; they have a high level of hardness and resistance to abrasion.

Mainly martensitic matrix together with a high content of eutectic carbides. Tempering and quenching treatments.

Industrial applications: Mining, cement.


Medium and High alloyed steels

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