We are a technology company that makes available to our customers cutting-edge production, technological, logistic and organisational means that ensure our commitment to supply on time and the guarantee of the final quality product.

The use of the latest technologies and ongoing innovation in processes, products and services are the bedrock of our business success.

Technologies for graphic design and simulation

The requirements of the clients´ projects are studied by ESTANDA in detail, using the most advanced technologies for the graphic design of parts and process simulation.

Manufacturing Technologies

ESTANDA integrates the whole steel manufacturing processmoulding, smelting and casting, shot blasting, deburring, heat treatments, monitoring and machining.

R+D+i (Research & Development & Innovation)

ESTANDA set up its R&D&i Unit in 1986 and right from the start has been increasingly devoting part of its funds and profits to investment in the development of new research and innovation activities.


High quality steels and alloys for industrial sectors: hardness, resistance to impact and temperature requirements.