Estanda, people and projects successfully moving forwards.

  • 1953

    A group of pioneers together with Enrique LARTUNDO-CASTRO (1926-2007), subsequently nominated the company’s Honorary Chairman, set up the ESTANDA workshops.

    Steel production began with the basic processes of moulding, smelting and casting.

  • 1960 - 1970

    Exclusive manufacture of low-alloy and carbon steels for the AUTOMOTIVE and SHIPBUILDING industries. New manufacturing processes were incorporated: deburring, heat treatments and machining.

    The sales of our products were geared towards the national market (Spain).

  • 1970 - 1980

    Manufacturing of steel components commences for new industrial sectors: CEMENT (mills, coolers, etc.) and MINING, through the production of higher added-value alloys: refractory, stainless and wear-resistant steels. In 1976, the first export sales were made: France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

  • 1980 - 1990

    Differentiation strategy in products and services: "manufacturing" + "knowledge".

    Overseas turnover reaches 60%: sales in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

    1986 saw the setting up of the R&D&i Unit, projects with R&D centres in the Basque Network of Science and Technology (RVCTI) and with national research bodies.

  • 1990 - 2000

    Commencement of the manufacture of steel brake discs for high-speed trains.

    Design and manufacture of the first self-regulating IMPROVEST® diaphragms for the cement sector.

    Participation in various R&D&i projects within the EU’s 5th and 6th Framework Programmes.

    Principe Felipe award for Business Excellence in 1994.

    Opening of its sales office in Prague (Czech Republic, 1993).

    1990 - 2000
  • 2000 - 2019

    Our products present in more than 70 countries, 95% exported.

    International launching of the KINETIC solution for the pre-grinding of aggregates.

    Acquisition of the foundry FUDIKE, SLU (

    New ESTANDA plant (Olaberría) for the machining of brake disks for high speed trains (2014).

    2000 - 2019