Cookies policy

A cookie is a small piece of text which the sites you visit send to the browser; the browser downloads and stores this on your device (computer or mobile device) in order to store data which can be recovered and updated on later visits.

Types of cookies used

Based on the owner of the cookie:

First Party Cookies: these are sent to the user´s device from the server or domain managed by its own editor; it is this server or domain which provides the service requested by the user.

Third Party Cookies: these are sent to the user´s device from a server or domain which is not managed by the editor, but by another entity processing data obtained through the cookies.

Based on the duration of the cookie:

Session cookies: designed to collect and store data while the user accesses an Internet Site.

Persistent cookies: the data remains stored on the user´s device and can be accessed and processed for a set period defined by the cookie´s owner; this period may be anything from a few minutes to several years.

Based on the purpose of the cookie:

Technical cookies: these let users browse a web page, platform or application, and use the different options or services there.

Analysis cookies: these are used to monitor activity on websites, applications or platforms, and to draw up browsing profiles for users of these sites, applications and platforms; analysis of data for the use made of the service by users can then bring in improvements.

Personalisation cookies: these cookies let the user access the service with certain predefined settings on the user´s device based on a series of criteria, such as language, browser type used to access the service, or the regional setting the service is accessed from.

When you visit our web page, you agree to the installation of these cookies on your device:






First party, persistent, technical

To find out if you have agreed to the cookies and therefore not show the message again

7 days


First party, session, personalisation.

To define the session settings: language, regional setting, ...

At the end of the session


Third party (Google Analytics), persistent, analysis

To generate an anonymous user ID, used to count how many times the same user visits an Internet Site

2 years


Rejection and elimination of cookies

You can allow, block or eliminate the cookies installed on your device by setting the browser options installed on your computer. In the event that you do not allow the installation of cookies on your browser, you may find that you cannot gain access to some of the sections of this Website.

To modify the cookie setting options, follow these steps, depending on the browser you are using:

  1. Internet Explorer: Tools-> Internet Options-> Privacy-> Settings.
  2. Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Custom Setting.
  3. Chrome: Settings -> Advanced options -> Privacy -> Content Settings.
  4. Opera: Settings -> Quick Preferences -> Edit site preferences -> Cookies.
  5. Safari: Preferences -> Security.

For more information, please check the support services for Microsoft, Mozilla, Google, Opera or Apple respectively, or your browser´s Help service.