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ESTANDA: The first spanish foundry with international quality certification

  • After an exhaustive process, at ESTANDA we have obtained the IRIS certificate under the ISO/TS 22163:2017 standard for quality management in the railway industry.
  • This certification strengthens our competitiveness and leadership in the industry and opens up new business opportunities worldwide.


Only approximately 200 rolling stock manufacturers are certified under this quality system to date, as the requirements to become an accredited entity are very demanding. In fact, ESTANDA is one of the first European foundries, and the only Spanish one, to have achieved this. This achievement has brought us greater reputation and acknowledgement worldwide, and we have joined the exclusive common database of railway product suppliers, used by a large number of operators in the industry.

Furthermore, the actions we have implemented aimed to achieve certification in our facilities and management systems have optimised processes, reduced failure costs and increased the transparency of our systems. All this, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality and safety of our products for the railway industry.


A necessary certification

The increasing relevance of rail transport, the future commitment to its development as sustainable transport or the liberalisation of the high-speed service, created the need for a common quality and safety requirement at the international level in the industry. The IRIS certification (International Railway Industry Standard) developed by UNIFE (Union of the European Railway Industries) has been the solution. It is a common method for assessing management systems in the railway supply chain. It was conceived with the aim to increase the quality and reliability of railway products, as well as to ensure continuous improvement in the entities.

For ESTANDA, this certification represents an acknowledgement of the commitment acquired over the years with the improvement of the products and services we provide to the railway industry. Furthermore, as a steel parts supplier, we are able to certify that we work according to the procedures defined by the industry, and therefore ensure the highest quality of our products. It also opens doors to new opportunities, especially in export matters, as leading railway companies use the IRIS certificate as a key criterion for their supplier approval process.


If you are looking for a quality supplier for the railway industry, contact our technical department!


Our successful experience in the railway industry

At ESTANDA we have extensive experience in the railway industry, particularly in the manufacture of steel brake discs for high-speed trains at an international level.

The quality of our products has earned the trust of leading train manufacturers. This is evidenced by the work recently carried out for one of our clients, which has several factories in Europe.

The client was experiencing supply problems at its Central European factories in particular, due to the global logistics crisis. The shortage of shipping containers and rising transport costs were having a major impact on their work. Faced with this situation, they decided to contact us because of our high technical capacity, our commitment to quality and our compliance with the deadlines, which were extremely tight this time.


The project consisted of qualifying a heavy-duty steel part and then mass-producing it in the shortest possible time. The fact was that the part posed a number of technical difficulties due to the material selected and the dimensional tolerances. In addition, a very high commitment to delivery times was required, with weekly deliveries.


ESTANDA offers the solution

But at ESTANDA we are experts in the railway industry and facing challenges, so we set to work in order to find the most suitable solution. The first step was to design the requested tooling, reducing costs and advising the client on material options, as well as improving the design itself. We then moved on to manufacturing and qualification analysis of the initial samples. The qualification was obtained in only 10 weeks!

Having successfully completed this first stage, we started serial production and shipment of the parts, strictly complying with the established deadlines.

Being a company specialising in the railway industry, with extensive experience, a highly qualified team and cutting-edge technical resources made it possible for us to provide the right response to this major client.

Now, in addition to our know-how in the railway industry, we have obtained the IRIS certificate under the ISO/TS 22163:2017 standard for quality management in the aforementioned sector. At ESTANDA we continue to move towards continuous improvement and excellence in customer service.


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