Water injection systems for planetary coolers

The ESTANDA automated water injection systems-WIS for cooling down the clinker are ancillary installations that can be added to complement the clinker cooling process in the planetary tubes.

To tackle demands for greater productivity of cooling installations, on occasions it is necessary to resort to water injection systems WIS that allow the heat transfer gradient to be increased.

Our ESTANDA WIS systems meet the following technical requirements:

  • When the material passes through the planetary tubes, and on each turn, to detect and synchronise  the hottest tube into which water has to be injected to cool it down.
  • The generation and thrust of a jet of water towards the inside of the tubes, which are (8-10 m) long, compact in the first 2-3 metres of tube and closed off by means of airtight valves/injectors.

Equipment outside the planetary coolers:

  • Operating cab with motor pump unit and water tank, sensors, rotary valves and logic control.
  • Sensors to detect the material passing through the tubes, injection valves, pipes.


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