Water Injection Systems

The ESTANDA automated water injection systems (WIS) regulate the working temperature inside the ball grinder to guarantee that the cement is at an optimum temperature when it leaves the mill.

To establish the appropriate design of the WIS it is necessary first of all to carry out a study and analysis  of the heat situation of the cement mill, and there are design options of the WIS for water injection in one or two chambers.

The WIS water injection systems cool down the cement by injecting water in the form of a spray in the same direction as the ventilation of the mill and material flow; this is achieved by controlling the water that flows into the mill by means of a pump, plus a frequency converter and a logic controller. The use of probes and injection through the middle diaphragm regulates the temperature and prevents the slots and the central mesh of the outlet diaphragm from becoming clogged.

Over 80 facilities of our customers endorse the innovative technology of the ESTANDA WIS-water injection systems.

Equipment outside the mill: operating cab with the motor pump unit and water tank, sensors, rotary valves and control panel (logic control).

Equipment inside the mill: customised solution including systems for centring and distributing the flows to the 1st and 2nd chamber, and the fitting of pipes inside the mill.


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