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Project to increase the production of clinker (Africa)


ESTANDA has successfully completed a project to increase the production of clinker in the Cements Lafarge (Tanzania) cement plant.

The project has achieved a great increase in clinker production: before the implementation of the project, clinker production was 800 t/day, and after finishing the project it has reached 1,200 t/day.

To achieve this increase in the production of clinker for cement, ESTANDA improved the cooling capacity of the planetary cooler (11 pipes) with the following measures:

Planetary cooler:

  • Hottest zone: a new metallic shell (half pipe) and steel components (Breaker Cones) in high wear and temperature resistant materials.
  • Output zone of the tube: new designs for hub lifters and wear plates in refractory steel castings.

In addition to supplying the metallic shells, ESTANDA also carried out the assembly.

ESTANDA: Specialists in refractory steels with chrome and nickel content for high temperature and abrasion applications.