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Improving productivity in a raw cement mill (Mexico)


Estanda has successfully completed the improvement of a raw cement mill for an important cement plant in Mexico.

The aim of the project commissioned to ESTANDA, was to improve the productivity of the ball mill and to reduce the wearing of the steel parts due to the characteristics of the material to be ground: raw cement with very high abrasiveness.

Raw cement mill (RM), with a diameter of 4.6 meters and a drying chamber and central discharge diaphragm.

The solution applied by ESTANDA technicians consisted of the installation of a new transfer diaphragm with modified designs of the plates, manufactured in highly wear and temperature resistant steels.  As a result of this solution the ball mill (RM) improved its productivity by up to 10%.

The installation and commissioning of the project was finalized in January, 2016.

ESTANDA: Solutions for improving the productivity and efficiency of cement ball mills.