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Improvest diaphragm to The Eagle Cement group


Estanda has carried out the supply and the commissioning of an “Improvest” diaphragm to the Eagle Cement plant in The Philippines.

The former middle diaphragm showed material flow problems in the diaphragm plates, seizing problems and downtimes, as well as subsequent wearing of these plates.

The project consisted of a complete substitution of the previous liners for an Improvest diaphragm with a cement flow set to regulate an increase in mill production. In addition, the steel plate installation with wear-resistant materials was undertaken in this project in a CM-2 cement mill, with a diameter of 4.2m in April 2015.

The aim of this project was to supply all steel parts as well as the middle diaphragm assembly and the setting up of the grinding installation.

Estanda: productivity improvements in cement grinding processes.