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Estanda goes ahead with its R&D projects (2013-2014)


Fundiciones Estanda deals with different research projects, some of them involving internal departments, and other R&D projects with Technological Centres of the SARETEK Network from Basque Country.

The following are some R&D multiannual projects that are being currently developed:

- AYSTRESS Project: “Development of a new fault predictability tool on steel castings manufacturing processes”. In collaboration with IK-4/AZTERLAN and other agents such as Analysis and Simulation.

- SIVIRA Project: “Computer vision system and augmented reality in order to increase productivity”, in partnership with TECNALIA and ABGAM.

These two projects will be supported by the Basque Country Government, GAITEK programme of (SPRI).

- Other projects in partnership with IK-4/IDEKO, TECNALIA y CEIT are being developed for their implementation in 2014.

The implementation of these R&D projects will contribute to support the business progression of Estanda, which in 2013, attained a record sales, surpassing the mark of EUR 50 million, with 95% of exports.