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Ball mill renovation for cement production (Saudi Arabia)


Estanda has successfully completed the commissioning of a cement ball mill for a cement manufacturing company in Saudi Arabia.

The project was carried out on the cement mill line 2 (CM2, diameter of 5.0 meters, 2 chambers) operating in parallel with the cement mill line 1 (CM1), which had already been renovated and updated by Estanda in 2013.

The renovation of the cement mill affected all interior steel components of the mill involved in the grinding process: inlet headwall liners, lifting liners of 1st ball mill chamber, the intermediate diaphragm, the 2nd chamber classifying liners and the outlet diaphragm. The designs and materials were according to ESTANDA technical specifications: improvement in productivity (> 15%), wearing reduction on the steel components (less maintenance) and greater profitability.

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