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Assembly and commissioning of the Improvest diaphragm in Vietnam


Estanda’s Technical Assistance Service has carried out the commissioning of an Improvest diaphragm for a cement mill for a group in Vietnam.

The installation of the Improvest middle diaphragm is one of the biggest diaphragms made by Estanda, with a diameter of 5.60m and a reinforced central structure and new designs and materials for the plates and blanking plates.

On the side of the first chamber, wear-resistant plates with a chromium (Cr) content of 6-7% were installed on the diaphragm. On the reverse side, plates and blanking plates in steel with a chromium (Cr) content of 13% were installed.

With the installation of this new Improvest diaphragm, the durability and reliability of the diaphragm has been improved, increasing productivity and decreasing stoppage time.